What Are the Types of Gantry Cranes?

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There are several types of overhead cranes. A gantry crane is one of them. A gantry crane is equipped with a single or double girder configuration. These types of cranes are cost-effective because they reduce the costs of materials needed. Like with any other overhead crane, proper maintenance is essential. Call us if you’re looking for the best gantry crane repair NY offers.

Types of Gantry Crane

  • Mobile Gantry Crane – Typically used to handle lighter loads, this crane is smaller than similar models. They are equipped with rubber wheels or casters that allow you to move the crane around the facility. When not in use, mobile gantry cranes are easily stored away.
  • Adjustable Gantry Crane – Offering many adjustable designs and heights, these cranes work in a wide range of applications. The biggest advantage to using an adjustable gantry crane is its ability to adjust the system to fit your needs. You can adjust the beam’s height, allowing for more flexibility.
  • Full Gantry Crane – This type of gantry crane is built atop a gantry. They are primarily used for straddling an object or workplace. They can lift incredibly heavy loads and are often used when lifting heavy engines or automobiles.
  • Semi-Gantry Crane – When you need to save work or floor space, go with a semi-gantry crane. This crane has one leg riding on a runway system connected to a wall structure and the other leg riding on wheels or rails.

No matter the type of crane you use, we’re here for you when it comes to overhead crane repair in NYC