Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist

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Overhead Crane

Before operating an overhead crane in NYC (or the surrounding area), you must inspect the machine. Inspecting the crane beforehand ensures that the machine is running correctly. It also ensures that no parts are damaged. When performing an inspection, it’s essential to have a checklist to ensure you do not miss anything. You want to ensure that every aspect of the machine is reviewed to ensure safety.

Let’s go over what you’ll need for overhead crane inspection NYC:

  • Inspection Tag – Make sure the tag isn’t missing, or the inspection due date hasn’t expired.
  • Disconnect Switch – Know the location of the crane’s disconnection switch.
  • Hook – Inspect the hook for any signs of bending or cracks.
  • Wire Chain or Rope – If you notice any kinks, spooling, or other signs of wear and tear, the chain has been damaged.
  • Hoist Gearing System – Run the system and listen for any unusual noises.
  • Lubrication – Make sure there are no leaks and no excess grease.
  • Weight Limits – Always review the weight capacity of your machinery. Ensure that whatever you’re lifting is within these limits. Weight should be measured and calculated before operation.
  • Rigging Equipment – Go through an inspection of the following items individually: shackles, personal protection equipment, slings, and guide ropes.
  • Rails – During operation, check for unusual noises or wear and tear.
  • Brake System – Check all brake system parts, including the bridge, trolley, and hoist brakes.

If you notice any damage to parts during your inspection, give us a call for the best overhead crane service NYC offers. We can help with hoist repair in NYC.

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