Top Safety Tips for Operating Overhead Cranes

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When operating an overhead crane, safety is of the utmost importance. Ensuring proper safety protocols are followed prevents injury to employees. Following NYC safety guidelines also ensures there is no damage to the machinery and its parts. Never hesitate to reach out for overhead crane service in NYC.

What are the top safety tips when operating an overhead crane in NYC?

  1. Always inspect the machine before each use for any signs of damage. Ensure that all parts are functioning correctly.
  2. Each lift should have the right sling. Always inspect the sling before use and never use a defective or damaged sling.
  3. All communication between the crane operator and other workers must be clear and understood. Any signals should be agreed upon before operation. There should be only one person assigned to signal to the operator.
  4. Make sure all workers are aware before starting a lift to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. The path should be clear of any obstructions and all people. Never lift a load over someone.
  5. Loads should be placed on blocking, not directly on a sling.
  6. To avoid slings from being damaged, make sure they are correctly stored. When not in use, keep slings off the floor. Instead, store them in a dry location on racks.

The number one way to ensure safety when operating overhead cranes is to service the machine regularly. Proper maintenance will help prolong the lifespan of your crane. We provide the best overhead crane service NYC has to offer. We also specialize in hoist repair in NYC.

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