Custom material handling systems automation for every type of material handling application, this is what we do.

Streamlining operations and maintaining safety are critical components of any modern material handling project. SISSCO KNOWS this, and that is why we offer many solutions for both semi and fully automated material handling systems.

What we offer


SISSCO employs technicians, engineers and programmers with decades of combined skill and experience. No matter what type of system you may be implementing, our Automation Specialists are knowledgeable of all types of manufacturers components. SISSCO’s Automation experts will make sure your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently, and we guarantee high-quality results.


From the early stages of planning and creating your automated control system to the end of your project, SISSCO expert engineers will be there. Our experienced crane and hoist technicians will perform continuous monitoring and follow-up as long as it is needed for the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your crew. Even after your project is complete, SISSCO’s Automation experts will be there for any future additions or enhancements as the needs of your company change.


Our highly skilled engineers are ready to meet the most unique design challenges head-on. What’s more, our manufacturing team has expertise that goes well beyond designing material handling systems. No matter the project, our Automation experts can design, create, implement and support.


From approval drawings to completion of your unique solution, SISSCO engineers monitor and create documentation for the entire process. Each and every detail is recorded from start to finish, and all documentation will be handed over to you once our work has been completed. We take our reporting very seriously, because we take our customers’ well-being very seriously.

What’s more, the material handling systems automation we can provide do not stop at material handling equipment. System automation is crucial for a safe and efficient workplace, and we deploy our best engineers and technicians to deliver on our customer’s needs.

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