Overhead Crane Companies – How Swivel Hooks Are Utilized

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Overhead crane companies must do everything they can to run an efficient and safe operation. Rigging issues are a detriment to both safety and efficiency so crane operators rely on certain equipment, like swivels, to steady unruly loads. But what exactly are swivel hooks and how can they improve your operation?

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What Are They?

Swivel hooks are rigging equipment used by overhead crane companies that position a load and allow it to spin, or swivel, on its x-axis. This essentially removes the issue of wires twisting together while picking up a load. This is very beneficial in outdoor conditions with wind. They also increase the safety of indoor applications by minimizing the impact of accidental collisions. Both applications benefit from the increased maneuverability during load positioning. There are positioning swivel hooks and ball bearing swivel hooks, each with their own functions and benefits. 

Ball Bearing Swivel Hooks

Ball bearing swivel hooks can rotate while a load is moving as well as assist with positioning a load. The ability to pivot during a lift allows for greater control of the load movement and can prevent kinks and twisting. They consist of a bearing, bushing, and end fittings. A lubricated and sealed bearing is inside of the swivel hook, which lets the top and bottom end fittings swivel while lifting a load. The bearing is within the bushing and is attached to each end fitting. The enfitting is a turnbuckle-like device where there can be a hook, jaw or eye. 

Positioning Swivel Hooks

Overhead crane companies use positioning swivels for applications that only require pivoting during load positioning. A positioning swivel hook consists of two end fittings that are connected by a nut and thread. The nut screws onto the threaded bolt which is secured by the nut. The end fittings act as a turnbuckle. They do not use ball bearings like the aptly-named ball bearing swivel hooks do. Their purpose is for positioning the hook to a pick point and are not designed to rotate while holding a load. They reduce tension on the other rigging equipment but remain stationary when loads are lifted. 

Damaged Swivel Hooks

Swivel hooks are useful pieces components that benefit a wide range of industries serviced by overhead crane manufacturers. However, they are only beneficial when they are in working condition. Crane operators must regularly inspect swivel hooks and take them out of operation when certain issues are found. These include things like missing identification labels, heat damage, or bent, twisted and otherwise distorted load bearing components. Excessive damage in the form of gouges and nicks require swivel hooks to be tagged out of operation. This also goes for swivel hooks that have been modified or welded without manufacturer authorization. If swivel hooks can not freely rotate when they aren’t picking up a load, they should be taken out of operation. Any swivel hooks with missing parts like bolts, nuts, snap rings and other mechanisms are also obsolete until the correct parts are installed.

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Trusted Overhead Crane Companies

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