Hoist Service Tips: Upgrading An Existing Crane

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Businesses that utilize overhead cranes typically have high operating costs. Anything you can do to increase your worksite efficiency and cut costs is worth looking into. When workflows change and you need a crane with a different class, more sophisticated controls, or even a higher capacity, you may not need to purchase a brand new crane. Instead, you can hire a crane and hoist specialist to upgrade your crane to meet your latest production needs. 

Why Upgrade?

In what situation would you need to upgrade your lifting capacity? For one, if your business needs to lift a new type of material. The new material’s weight may be similar to the loads you lifted previously. But it may require a different below-the-hook device to accommodate its size or shape. When you add a new below-the-hook device to your crane, you could be going beyond the capacity your crane can handle. You may also require an upgrade from a professional hoist service if you are lifting the same object, but lifting more frequently. Increasing the number of production shifts on a crane may require upgrading the motors or controls. While the capacity may not have changed, the extra lifting will put more stress on the crane components. This requires more frequent repairs, if not upgraded properly.  

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Upgradeable Components

What components on a crane system need to be upgraded for a different capacity? The best way to find out is by having a crane and hoist specialist, along with a professional engineer, perform a feasibility study on your crane. They will give your crane system a thorough evaluation to see if it is upgradeable. Looking at the hoist, end trucks, wheels, motors, runways, the bridge and structure, controls, brake systems, and electronic components, your existing crane is reversed engineered to know what needs to be augmented and the best course of action. 

Additional Training

Once you’ve had a professional hoist service upgrade your overhead crane system, you cannot just start operations back up and do business as usual. You will need to have the crane tested and all crane operators trained on the upgraded system. Operators must be trained to use any new control systems, understand new fault codes, operate new VFD technology, and inspect the new equipment before operations begin. 

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Expert Crane and Hoist Service

For optimum safety during a lift, you need the best machinery and parts available. For over 45 years SISSCO Material Handling Equipment has made the manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective and safe. 

Our technicians and field operations team brings the industry’s most experienced overhead crane and hoist mechanics and electricians. Our highly skilled parts and service team is here to make sure we can help our customers maintain a safe working environment for their overhead lifting equipment. We also specialize in providing maintenance services and parts for other material handling equipment.

Our inspection and maintenance services strictly follow OSHA, ANSI, and CMAA standards as they pertain to overhead cranes and hoists. We proudly offer Safety Inspection & Preventative Maintenance, Factory-Authorized Hoist & Crane Repair, part replacement, and 24/7 emergency service. For over 45 years we’ve made manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Our manufacturing, installation and safety solutions keep businesses moving forward. Your business depends on your equipment and we are here to keep everything in tip-top shape.  Give us a call today to schedule the very best in crane maintenance services.