How to Upgrade Parts of Your Overhead Crane?

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With time, you may notice that your overhead crane isn’t running as efficiently as it used to. This can slow down production, wasting time and money. Before purchasing a new overhead crane system, consider replacing or repairing specific parts. For the best overhead crane repair NY offers, call us.

How can I upgrade an overhead crane?

  1. Bridge, Runways, and Structure – A crane’s runway or bridge will sometimes need additional reinforcement to support wheel loads. Structurally, the beams will often need reinforcement by adding a cap channel.
  2. Controls – If you change the work of the motor, the drive system will also change. It’s a good idea to add a modern control system to eliminate abrupt stops and starts. Control systems should be able to display diagnostic data, such as the capacity of lifts, fault codes, amp draw, and voltage.
  3. End Trucks and Wheels – When upgrading wheels, choose a hard material. Ensure they’re compatible with the crane’s rails. They should also be able to handle heavier loads. Upgrading to an anti-friction design reduces wear and increases productivity. The anti-friction design will also prolong the life of your wheels.
  4. Brake Systems – If the loads you lift and carry have become heavier, your old brakes cannot handle the additional weight. The brakes should be next if other parts have been upgraded to lift heavier loads.
  5. Electrification – The wiring size in a crane’s electrification system can be upgraded to allow for higher amperage. The size of the electrification can be upgraded as well.