Common Gantry Crane Problems

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Gantry cranes are popular machinery used for material handling. Like all overhead cranes, proper maintenance is essential to ensure the lifespan of your equipment. Many issues may arise with your gantry crane. We provide the best gantry crane service NY offers.

Gantry Crane Service NY

Common Gantry Crane Problems:

  • Level of main girder bending – There are two main reasons this issue may occur: improper transportation and storage and improper welding technology.
  • Failure of the main girder – There are multiple reasons for this issue. They are as follows:
    • Overload use
    • Overuse
    • Chord or diagonal deformation
    • Incorrect transportation, storage, or loading
    • Structure stress
    • The joint gap is too large
    • Heating or heat radiation
  • Failures with gantry crane railways – A few common issues occur with railways. A few ways to fix these failures are replacing or tightening the clamp bolt and adding a welding clamp. Common issues are as follows:
    • Loose track error
    • Cracks and scars on the rail’s surface
    • A large or dislocated joint gap
    • Wear and tear to the rail’s surface
  • Faulty crane pulley – Issues may arise with the crane’s pulley. You may need to change the rope groove or replace the pulley when these issues occur. Common issues are:
    • Unqualified installation
    • Extreme wear and tear of the wire rope
    • Uneven wear to the rope pulley groove

If you notice any issues with your gantry crane, it’s important to fix them. Call us for the best gantry crane repair NY offers.