The Importance of OSHA-Compliant Gantry Crane Service

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OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is there to ensure peak operating conditions for your gantry crane. It’s important to ensure that you are OSHA-compliant regarding gantry crane service. We provide the best gantry crane service NY offers and understand OSHA compliance.

Gantry Crane Service NYSometimes you may experience a visit from an OSHA inspector. OSHA will inspect your operations for a random audit, if there was a serious accident, or if someone anonymously calls in a complaint. The inspector will go over records on file, any recent repairs, and training provided to employees. You’ll receive a citation if you do not meet OSHA’s standards and practices.

What are the most cited issues with overhead cranes?

  1. Pendant labels and condition
  2. Improper grounding for electrified overhead cranes
  3. Rigging equipment condition and markings
  4. Wire rope damage
  5. Non-legible capacity markings located on the bridge
  6. Lack of documentation regarding inspections
  7. Below-the-hook lifting device markings and condition
  8. Bottom block capacity markings and condition

Following OSHA’s practices is the best way to avoid citations. It will also help prevent employee injuries and damage to your overhead crane. Proper training is essential to be OSHA-compliant and avoid injury. All those who operate your gantry crane should be trained on the characteristics and complexity of the crane. They should also be well versed on the physical characteristics of the workplace.

Even while following OSHA standards and performing routine inspections, issues may arise. If you experience problems with your overhead crane, call us for the best gantry crane service NY offers.