Safety Upgrades for Your Hoist

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When it comes to chain hoists, safety should be your top priority. Proper maintenance and regular inspections are the number one way to ensure the safety of workers. As leaders in hoist repair in NYC, we can inspect your unit and parts to make sure everything is running correctly. In addition to regular maintenance, there are safety upgrades you can invest in for your hoist.

Let’s go over the top five safety upgrades:

  1. Motor Thermal Protection – If you are working with an electric hoist, motor thermal protection is a way to protect the motor from heat damage due to heavy use.
  2. Wireless Remote Radio – The easiest way to ensure safety is to stand away from a load as it’s lifted and lowered. A wireless remote radio allows communication without anyone getting within range of danger.
  3. Variable Frequency Drive – Picking and placing a load with precision is a way to avoid damage to equipment. A variable frequency drive can be added to most systems, and it’s an excellent way to program for speed when accelerating and decelerating.
  4. Trolley Travel Limit Switches – If you use a trolley-mounted hoist on a bridge crane, it’s difficult for the operator to tell when the bridge or trolley ends. If an operator goes too far, it will result in wear and tear. These switches assist with this issue.
  5. Overload Device – This device works for electric, manual, and air-powered hoists. An overload device protects against dangerous overloads.

If you are in search of the best overhead crane service NYC offers, give us a call. We’ll help with all your hoist needs.