What Type of Systems Exist for Overhead Hoist and Crane Safety?

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Overhead hoist and crane systems are massive and complex machinery that can cause serious financial and physical harm if not used correctly. Crane operators must not only be highly trained experts who follow all of the best practices in the industry but the machinery itself must be operating correctly with the proper safety systems. If you are on the lookout for new crane systems, consider the following safety options for your purchase.

Alarm Systems

The use of buzzers, sirens, horns, and other alarm systems is imperative to the safe operation of overhead hoist and crane systems. OSHA requires that cranes with radio or cab controls have an alarm system to give off warnings to other personnel during operation. They are used in combination with an indicator light to reinforce the warning.  

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Indicator Lights

To further reduce the chance of accidents, overhead hoist and crane systems use warning and indicator lights during operation. They are built into the crane’s design to notify personnel of when the crane is operating and where the crane hook will be overhead. Operators can also use the lights as a point of reference while positioning the hoist and hook. Indicator lights must be used in conjunction with alarm systems to both audibly and visually alert personnel. 

Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision avoidance systems are utilized when there are several cranes on a single runway system or if the crane is operating in an area with potential obstructions. These systems use lasers, LED, infrared light or radio waves to determine where the trolley and bridge are in relation to potential obstacles. The system will slow or cease movement when a collision becomes imminent. 

Brake-Slip Detection

Wear and tear should be an important consideration when operating crane systems. Brake-slip detection systems can reduce the wear and tear on the crane’s brakes. These are microprocessors that control the crane’s motor to slow its motion rather than constantly using the brakes. There are also automatic adjustment features that ensure the brake is properly adjusted during operation. When sensors detect anything out of the ordinary, they can notify the crane operator that manual adjustments may be needed. These systems help reduce downtime and keep cranes operating smoothly for longer periods of time. 

Diagnostic Systems

Cranes that have radio control systems or variable frequency drives are able to supply diagnostic information such as lift capacity, voltage draw, system amperage, the amount of lifts and cycles, as well as maintenance fault codes. The technology records this useful information so maintenance personnel can better take care of the equipment. The information helps with things like establishing an efficient maintenance schedule for the crane systems. They let it be known when it’s time for maintenance and when it’s time to completely replace the crane. The information can even help troubleshoot specific mechanical issues than can occur. 

Outside of maintenance, these systems also help keep crane operators safe during operation. They can send notifications when the crane’s lift capacity is being overloaded. Oversized loads can damage cranes and can even cause serious injury or death if the load drops near personnel. 

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Overhead Hoist and Crane Professionals

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