Industrial Cranes and Parts – Identifying Damaged Rigging Equipment

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If you work with industrial cranes and parts, you need to be able to accurately assess damaged rigging equipment. Rigging equipment is a crane operator’s strongest defense against accidents during operation. It’s essential to know what to look for and replace any damaged parts before operation begins.  

Sling Hook

The sling hook is a pivotal piece of industrial cranes and parts operation. This is the hook that actually attaches to the load prior to lifting. A common issue to look for is deformation and stretching of the hook itself. Hooks will stretch when overloaded or tip-loaded. This can cause the hook to separate from the latch that securely holds a load in place. When the latch and hook are no longer touching, loads can easily slip off the hook and cause immeasurable damage. 

Industrial Cranes and Parts, Industrial Cranes and Parts – Identifying Damaged Rigging Equipment, SISSCO Hoist

Synthetic Web Sling

Synthetic web slings are used as lifting points of contact when wrapped around a load. For example, multiple slings would be wrapped around a boat and fastened on the sling hook to hold the boat in place and spread out the weight distribution. Those who use industrial cranes and parts must be able to identify issues with the web sling before they are wrapped on a load. Slings with knots in them should never be used for overhead lifting. They should also have visible sling tags or they should be removed from service. 

Wire Rope Sling

Wire rope slings play an important part in heavy lifting. With them, there are two main things to look for – kinking and broken wires. Wire ropes are constructed of many smaller wire ropes, and a certain degree of broken wire is permissible but not ideal. Any wire rope sling with a substantial amount of broken ‘strings’ should be replaced immediately. 

Foundry Hook

A founding hook is a variation of a lifting hook that does not have a latch. They can become deformed by overloading or side loading. Any twisting in the hook or stretching in the throat opening require them to be removed from service. 


Shackles are attached to different rope materials during many lifting operations. Overloading is the most common cause of damage to shackles. When a shackle pin becomes bent, cracked or no longer goes from ear-to-ear, they should be taken out of service and brought to an industrial cranes and parts company for repair or replacement. 

Alloy Chain Sling

Another type of sling variation, the alloy chain sling should be observed closely before operation. If there are deep gouges in any of the links or warping with the links, they are not fit for service. 

Industrial Cranes and Parts, Industrial Cranes and Parts – Identifying Damaged Rigging Equipment, SISSCO Hoist

High-End Industrial Cranes and Parts

For optimum safety during a lift, you need the best machinery and parts available. For over 45 years SISSCO Material Handling Equipment has made the manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective and safe. 

Our technicians and field operations team brings the industry’s most experienced overhead crane and hoist mechanics and electricians. Our highly skilled parts and service team is here to make sure we can help our customers maintain a safe working environment for their overhead lifting equipment. We also specialize in providing maintenance services and parts for other material handling equipment.

Our inspection and maintenance services strictly follow OSHA, ANSI and CMAA standards as they pertain to overhead cranes and hoists. We proudly offer Safety Inspection & Preventative Maintenance, Factory-Authorized Hoist & Crane Repair, part replacement, and 24/7 emergency service. For over 45 years we’ve made manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective and safe. Our manufacturing, installation and safety solutions keep businesses moving forward. Your business depends on your equipment and we are here to keep everything in tip-top shape.  Give us a call today to schedule the very best in crane maintenance services.