Monorail Hoist Systems: Are They Right For Your Business?

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Industrial lifting is performed across a wide range of applications, each requiring different types of equipment. Many businesses ask if they should be using monorail hoist systems for their operations. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the benefits and types of monorail overhead cranes to determine what’s right for your workflow. 

What are they?

Monorail hoist systems are a type of overhead crane and hoist that moves along one axis only, to lift and lower materials.  Monorail hoists can have either a wire rope, or load chain to perform the lifts, while being attached to a trolley that moves along the monorail beam. 

monorail hoist crane

Monorail Types

Monorail hoist systems come in a few variations. All systems run along a single axis in a straight line, but curved beams can be introduced to service areas along a different axis. The operating systems can either be manual or electrically powered. For smaller-scale operations, manual monorail hoist systems may suffice. But for large-scale industrial applications, electric hoists are the way to go.

Electric systems can be operated by remote control, hanging pendant, or even automated with computers. Applications that handle many different materials and workflows may operate better with remote control systems and companies that constantly repeat the same workflow could be better suited for automated processes.

There are patented track monorails that have a T-shape track that is used as a flange for the trolley. There are also enclosed track monorails which have rectangular tracks with continuous tracks running underneath them. In these systems, the trolley travels along the track using a flange.


No matter which variation you choose, there are similar benefits to monorail hoist systems. For one, they have flexibility in the range of facilities they can be used in. Since they are installed either on the ceiling or close to it, you don’t need to worry about working your way around obstacles.

It also isn’t difficult to make modifications if business needs change. If you need to add another assembly line or lifting route, you simply install another track. Scaling your operations up or down is much more efficient and affordable with this flexibility. 

Monorail hoist systems operate quickly, moving loads in a direct path that avoids obstacles. While other hoist and crane systems must navigate through a workspace, monorails operate above it. Being able to lift and move objections ‘as the crow flies’ creates a much faster and simpler workflow. This can greatly improve a business’ bottom line.

monorail hoist manufacturers

Monorail Hoist Manufacturers

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