Overhead Crane Service and Repairs

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Different Types of Repairs

Overhead cranes are an essential piece of machinery for many industrial and construction settings. These cranes are used to lift and move heavy objects, making work easier and safer for operators. However, like any other piece of machinery, overhead cranes can experience wear and tear and may need repairs. This blog will explore the different types of repairs that overhead cranes may require. For the best overhead crane service NY has, give us a call. 

Overhead Crane Service NY

One common type of repair for overhead cranes is mechanical repair. This repair is necessary when the crane’s mechanical components, such as the hoist, trolley, and end trucks, are not functioning properly. Mechanical repairs may include:

  • Tightening or replacing bolts and other fasteners.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Replacing worn or damaged components.

Another type of repair for overhead cranes is electrical repair. Overhead cranes use electricity to power the hoist and move the trolley and end trucks. When the electrical system of an overhead crane is not working properly, it can cause the crane to malfunction, putting the operator and the load at risk. Electrical repairs may include checking and replacing wires and cables, inspecting and repairing electrical components, and testing the electrical system to ensure it is functioning properly.

In addition to mechanical and electrical repairs, overhead cranes may also require structural repair. This type of repair is necessary when the crane’s structural components, such as the bridge, girders, and support legs, are damaged or weakened. Structural repairs may include reinforcing or replacing damaged components and conducting inspections to ensure the crane’s structure is sound.

Another important type of repair for overhead cranes is preventative maintenance. This type of repair involves regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance to prevent problems before they occur. Preventative maintenance extends the life of an overhead crane and reduces the need for costly repairs. It may include inspections of the crane’s mechanical, electrical, and structural components, as well as lubricating moving parts and tightening bolts and other fasteners.

In conclusion, overhead cranes are vital pieces of machinery that require regular maintenance and repair to keep them functioning properly. If you do need overheard crane repair services, give us a call.