Material Handling Cranes- When Is It Time For A Replacement?

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If your business works with material handling cranes, chances are you rely on them functioning properly for daily operations. Regular maintenance and proper use can increase the lifespan of your overhead crane, but eventually, it will need replacement or major upgrades. You may be asking, ‘how do you know when it’s time to replace a crane?’ You don’t want to invest unnecessary money into replacing your crane too early, but at the same time, can’t afford a breakdown, bringing your business to a halt! The following signs can help you determine when it’s time to replace your overhead cranes for material handling. 

Several Repairs

If your overhead cranes have only required a couple of repairs, with the proper care and maintenance they could still have a long life cycle ahead of them. However, if your cranes have required multiple repairs, especially within shorter timespans, it may be time to replace them. Requiring consistent repairs is typically a sign that the equipment may be faulty, being used improperly, or simply too old to rely on. It’s important to consult with a professional to evaluate a crane’s condition before deciding to replace it.

material handling cranes, Material Handling Cranes- When Is It Time For A Replacement?, SISSCO Hoist

Expired Warranties

While an expired warranty doesn’t mean you need to replace your material handling cranes, it is the point at which repair work becomes more costly. If the warranties on essential parts have expired, major repair work can be comparable with full replacement of your crane. Annual inspections and maintenance by a professional like SISSCO Material Handling Equipment can help maintain your crane and its essential parts well beyond their warranties. 

Changes In Daily Operations

Industry advancements are constantly evolving, requiring businesses to periodically update their daily operations and/or requirements. You may need to lift heavier loads in higher volumes, or maybe even a new production process altogether, requiring more lifting capacity and a higher crane classification. Using your overhead crane beyond what it was manufactured to do can cause costly breakdowns, unsafe working conditions, or even injury to your workers.  

Obsolete Parts

As material handling cranes age, the replacement parts they need can become obsolete and more difficult to find. You don’t want to get to a point where your cranes need replacement parts that aren’t around anymore, leaving you stranded and your business vulnerable. If you are getting to a point of obsolescence, it’s probably time to replace your material handling cranes. 

Injured Workers

At the end of the day, the most important thing is your employees’ safety. If malfunctioning cranes have caused injuries, they should be replaced immediately. Regular breakdowns and inefficiencies are one thing, but the safety of your employees is extremely important. 


As with any business, industries that use material handling cranes always need to consider their bottom line. The older cranes get, the less efficient they will be during daily operations. They have less precise controls and don’t get the job done as quickly. Even though new cranes can be a sizable investment, your business should save more money over time, by operating efficiently and maintaining peak performance throughout your workday.  


If your material handling cranes fail OSHA, AME, CMAA or any other inspection – it’s time for a replacement. Failed inspections not only indicate that your cranes are in poor repair – but you can also face legal action if you keep them in operation. 

material handling cranes, Material Handling Cranes- When Is It Time For A Replacement?, SISSCO Hoist

Highest-Quality Material Handling Cranes

If you are planning on buying a crane or finding a reputable inspection and repair company, look no further than SISSCO  Material Handling Equipment. For over 45 years we’ve made the manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective and safe. 

Our technicians and field operations team offers the industry’s most experienced overhead crane and hoist mechanics and electricians. Our highly skilled parts and service team is also here to make sure we can help our customers maintain a safe working environment for their overhead lifting equipment. 

We also specialize in providing maintenance services and parts, for other material handling equipment. Our manufacturing, installation and Crane safety solutions keep businesses moving forward. Contact us today to get in touch with the best in the business.