The Ultimate Guide to Crane Modernization

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Experiencing a production slowdown? The culprit could be outdated overhead crane technology! Similar to our smartphones and vehicles, industrial crane tech evolves over time. That means design and safety standards from a few years ago may not be applicable now. 

As we’ll review below, crane modernization is key for functional, safe, and cost-effective over-the-hook operations.

Why Should You Modernize Your Cranes?

First and foremost, overhead crane equipment is quite an investment for your company. In order to operate at optimal levels, your cranes must be in prime condition. Time and frequent use will cause wear and tear to your crane. In addition, your crane may be outdated and rendered obsolete. 

You have two options at this point: replace the crane entirely or modernize it to keep it in working order. Why replace what can be repaired? You can update individual crane components while continuing to utilize the main runway and girder structures already in place. They have a longer lifespan anyway! Replacing crane equipment outright will prove to be quite costly. With that in mind, consider crane modernization instead.

modern crane and rigging

When Should You Modernize Your Cranes?

There are many telltale signs that you should begin the crane modernization process. Whether it’s boosting productivity or keeping up with OSHA guidelines, updating your crane technology at the right time will make all the difference. Here are some specific signs that your crane needs modernizing:

Ancient Equipment

If your equipment is more than 30 years old, you will definitely need to start updating. Generally, cranes introduced within the last two decades have higher capacities than their predecessors. Updating “ancient” cranes will quickly boost productivity without having to buy a brand new one. 

In addition, if certain safety measures have worn out over time such as handrails and walkways, updates will be required in order to satisfy OSHA’s standards. 

Heavier Hoisting

Crane modernization may be on the horizon for you if your production or lifting requirements have changed. When you first designed and implemented your crane system, everything was specified for the specific service that was needed at the time. With that said, if you’re lifting heavier materials or performing more lifts per shift, you will definitely want to make updates. 

If you don’t make the proper adjustments, your crane equipment will experience significant wear and tear from the additional weight. This lack of necessary maintenance will make purchasing a new crane your only option.

Wear and Tear

Imagine you owned a perfectly fine truck; however, it has one troublesome and worn tire. Instead of continuously patching up the tire after each puncture, you may want to replace the tire instead. That way, your truck will be up and running without additional expenses in the long run.

If you’re experiencing excessive slowdowns, shutdowns, and service repairs, you may be ready for crane modernization. We assure you, the cost of frequent repairs will add up. Consider replacing components instead to increase the lifespan of your crane.

Failed Inspection

OSHA is always updating its standards. For this reason, it is important to maintain a consistent inspection schedule. Inspections may be required only once a year according to OSHA, or monthly depending on your specific equipment; however, you should routinely perform internal inspections to stay ahead of the curve. When your official OSHA inspection comes around and the inspector identifies safety or operational issues, then you will already be prepared to update your crane’s irregular components before they create additional damage. 

Following a frequent inspection schedule will help keep operators safe and operations running smoothly. When inspections do indicate an issue, make sure you not only meet the specified standards but exceed them. As a result, you will be in full compliance as the industry evolves.

modern crane

Where Do I Start With Crane Modernization?

If you’re ready to update and optimize your cranes, Sissco Hoist is the place to start. We handle everything from manufacturing to maintenance. Whether you need repairs and updates done, or a new crane entirely, we will take care of it all. Call us today for a free quote. We can’t wait to start chatting with you and begin modernizing your crane.