Jib Crane Service in NY – Enhance Your Material Handling with SISSCO’s Industrial Cranes

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Jib crane service NYIf you’re searching for reliable and efficient industrial cranes in New York, look no further than SISSCO. As an esteemed Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) member, SISSCO takes immense pride in producing top-of-the-line industrial cranes that adhere to the highest design and safety standards. For all your Jib crane service NY needs, SISSCO has got you covered. 

Benefits and Applications of Our Cranes

  • SISSCO’s top-running single girder cranes are the industry’s most prevalent bridge crane type, offering a cost-effective solution for many lifting applications. With capacities of up to 15 tons and spans up to 80 feet or longer, these cranes are perfect for various industrial needs. The pre-engineered components ensure quicker delivery and easier installation, while the reduced crane headroom enables better lifting height and efficiency.
  • For situations where the roof structure needs to support the crane, SISSCO’s underhung single girder cranes come to the rescue. With capacities of up to 10 tons and spans of up to 60 feet, these cranes free up valuable floor space and offer an improved hook-end approach without requiring additional columns.
  • When higher capacity and longer spans are required, SISSCO’s top-running double girder cranes step up to the challenge. With capacities of 15 tons and above and spans up to 60 feet and greater, these cranes are well-suited for heavy service applications. Customizable features like walkways for maintenance and operator cabs make them even more versatile.
  • SISSCO’s workstation cranes provide the ideal solution for light-duty applications with designated work areas. With capacities of up to 2 tons and spans up to 30 feet, these modular cranes enhance work area coverage, ensuring increased productivity and safety. They can be easily extended to accommodate future growth.
  • SISSCO’s jib cranes offer exceptional coverage in smaller work areas. With various styles to choose from, these cranes allow easy rotation of the bridge beam, enabling workers to position loads safely and efficiently. Typical capacities of up to 5 tons and options for floor or wall/column mounting and motorized rotation make these cranes a versatile material handling solution.
  • SISSCO’s gantry cranes offer an economical way to lift materials throughout your facility or job site. With capacities of up to 5 tons and the option for fixed or adjustable heights, these cranes provide a heavy-duty frame and the flexibility to move around on casters for added convenience.
  • SISSCO’s davit cranes come in stationary and portable options, allowing operators to lift materials from elevated edges or over pits. With various designs available, these cranes are commonly used in rooftop, wastewater, and construction applications, offering capacities of up to 2,200 lbs and manual or motorized operation.

At SISSCO, customization is our forte. Our skilled application and design engineers have the expertise to develop custom overhead traveling cranes and material handling equipment for any application. From automated cranes to those designed for hazardous locations and severe duty tasks, we deliver superior quality manufacturing with precision.

At SISSCO, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the best-in-class services. Our mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers ensure that every crane component meets customer specifications and industry standards. All fabrication, wiring, and testing are conducted on-site in our top-notch facilities by experienced professionals, guaranteeing superior quality equipment. Furthermore, SISSCO’s engineering department offers tailored crane runway systems, maximizing usable floor space while enhancing production and safety. With dedicated project management teams assigned to all jobs, from contract review to installation coordination, we ensure a seamless and efficient process.

Jib Crane Service NY

SISSCO is your ultimate partner for jib crane service and all your material handling needs in New York. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation, we can optimize your operations with our top-of-the-line industrial cranes. Get in touch with us today and experience the SISSCO difference!

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