SISSCO distributes and manufacturers hoists for wide range of applications and industries. From standard industrial hoists to custom engineered hoists, we can always find the most cost EFFICIENT hoist for your application.

Wire Rope Hoists

The standard offering on most overhead bridge cranes as well as the recommended offering on capacities for 3 Ton and above. Wire rope hoists can be customized with a variety of options to meet the need of the application.

Electric Chain Hoists

Available in almost all capacities, these hoists are mainly applied to the 3 Ton and under capacities due to pricing, headroom and size of hoist. When power is available, these hoists are the most widely used hoists in the industry.

Hand Chain Hoists

When power is not available and portability is key, these hoists provide lifting with little maintenance and low cost. Although cost always is considered, buying a premium brand hand chain hoist will provide better support for maintenance and have a longer life cycle.

Lever Hoists

Low cost and portability is the primary reason why these hoists are used. A wide range of capacities, lifts, and manufacturer’s are available with very short deliveries.

Air Chain Hoists

When an air supply is readily available, these hoists provide precise control in high duty cycle applications. From 1/8 Ton Capacity to 100 Ton Capacity, these hoists are a great option in explosion proof areas, food grade areas, and high speed productions areas.

Hazardous Location Hoists

SISSCO offers a wide range of explosion proof hoists which will be designed and manufactured to meet the Class, Group, and Division that your application requires.

Monorail Systems

Utilize SISSCO’s highly skilled engineering staff to help you design a Monorail System to fit you building and your application. Many factors will be evaluated when designing these systems, most importantly safety and productivity. From Structural Steel to Patented Track, straight runs to curves to switches, we will design a system to meet all of your needs.

Slings and Rigging

Nylon Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings and more. Everything you need in order to handle your loads. Call us today to get pricing on all of your sling and rigging needs.

Below the Hook Devices

Lifting Magnets, Vacuum Systems, Loadpositioners, and Load Beams. SISSCO designs, manufactures, and distributes all types of below the hook lifting devices.

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