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Wire Rope or Chain Hoist?

When you look at most modern day hoisting systems, you will either find wire ropes or chains being used. These two types work in electrically powered hoist systems. When shopping for a hoist system, you need to consider the pros and cons of both wire and chain. Considering each has its own benefits and shortcomings, it is encouraged that you shop for a hoist that is perfect for you and your business. Below, you will find differences between rope and chain hoists. Hopefully, this will allow your decision making process to go smoother.

Before looking into the differences between wire and chain, you have to fully understand a few things about how you'll be using the hoist. What is its application going to be? What capacity will it have to work at? Have you considered the duty cycle that your machine will be going through? If you don't pick the right type of system then it will cost you in the long run. Using a chain hoist when a wire rope would be best will result in higher maintenance cost. It will also make your machine not last as long. If the other way happens, meaning you get wire when you should have gotten a chain, you will have higher investments costs. Not only will it cost more, but also it will be more difficult for the machine operator to use.

An electric chain hoist has a capacity range from 1/8 ton to 5 ton.  This is the standard weight load, but there are chains out there that can handle more. If you are working with a chain the carries up to 5 tons it is great for light and medium lifting  (according to the Hoist Manufacturing Institute, these chains are perfect for H4 & H3 services). These machines are compact, light, and require low investments costs. You should be careful. Working with a manual or trolley crane over 15 feet high can cause a slingshot effect when lifting, and this can make working difficult.

Chain hoists are more susceptible to wear and tear, and so if you intend to use your hoist frequently, you might want to consider rope hoists. If you are lifting things with a chain that are over 50% of the capacity of the machines, and you are doing this consistently through the day, week, month, etc., your system will overheat. This can be bad for your whole system. A rope wouldn't have the same overheating factor.

It is important that you get the best hoist for your business, so make sure you fully understand how you'll be using the hoist before buying one.

From standard industrial hoists to custom engineered hoists, we can always find the most cost EFFICIENT hoist for your application. Call us today.

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