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Why Choose True Vertical Lifting

Overhead cranes that provide true vertical lift will lift materials straight up (without lateral swinging). True vertical lifting works when the hook of the lower block moves in a vertical path between the furthest limits of travel (bottom to top). Machines that do this sort of lifting are built with double-rope configurations. Two ropes pass through grooved drums on both ends. As an overhead crane begins to lift, the line will wrap around the drum (at each end). Wrapping the rope around drums towards the midpoint allows for materials to be lifted straight up. As the device lifts, the hook will stay directly under the centerline of the drum. This is how vertical lifting works.

Overhead Crane Repair and Service

True vertical lifting is a valued asset only for certain applications. This type of lifting allows for loads to have their weight is equally distributed while lifting. Vertical lift cranes lift in the range of 25 to 100 tonnes. The lifting is ideal for cranes that operate in busy areas where loads might get bumped side-to-side. These devices are strong and can undergo hoist repair.

Overhead Crane Repair and Service

For more information about overhead cranes that perform true vertical lifting, please give us a call. We can help you determine if this type of crane is right for you and your business. We even offer overhead crane service on vertical lifting cranes.

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