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Hoist service: What Will a VFD do for your Overhead Crane

The material handling industry is always innovating and evolving. Any company that wants to remain on the cutting edge of crane and hoist technology must modernize cranes when newer and better equipment becomes available. Small changes in technology do not warrant upgrading machinery, but every so often a new piece of equipment comes along that becomes the baseline standard. Over the last few decades, one of the most critical developments in overhead crane operations is AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Older technologies, such as wound motor controls and static step-less, have been replaced with VFDs. These new drive systems offer user benefits that are not shared with older drive systems. Adding a VFD to control cranes or hoists will:

  1. Give users greater speed adjustments. Variable Frequency Drives let users choose between multiple speeds that allow for total customization of hoist speeds for specific applications.
  2. Make load control simpler. Single-speed hoists can go through shock and load swings. Two-speed will rectify that problem, but it does not usually give handlers the desired range of speed needed for specific positioning. Two-speed systems typically come in three to one or five to one-speed scales. VFDs provide smooth operations because they can gradually slow down and accelerate. These drives offer speed ranges from 1 to 100 (more depending on the application).
  3. Offer its users unprecedented efficiency. VFDs only consume power that is needed, so it saves much more energy when compared to its counterparts.
  4. Increase the life expectancy of your system. A VFD offers over current and thermal overload protection for hoist motors. Breaks are only used for parking because of the drive’s specialized braking system. Using your brakes less will help to extend their life as well.

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