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What to know about Overhead Cranes

Many industrial operations use overhead cranes to transport goods and materials around a factory. Companies purchase cranes in order to reduce physical labor and increase efficiency, but many establishments fail to realize that cranes can actually reduce overhead costs.

When a company uses a crane, they mostly have the machine pick up an occasionally heavy load if a lift truck is preoccupied. Lift trucks are the standard form of transport in most factories and warehouses, because they have an easy learning curve and are simple to purchase.  Although they are popular, they are not appropriate in every scenario. If the warehouse is small, and space is tight, maneuvering a truck is a difficult task. Overhead cranes can make a huge difference in these types of settings. An overhead crane is capable of transporting a load around the entire length and width of the building. These cranes can bring materials directly to the machining area, where it can be unloaded and served by an employee.

Floor space and worker efficiency are two crucial aspects of all industrial applications. With an overhead crane, you can limit floor traffic from trucks and have one employee operating the device from a single position. A forklift or truck requires someone to drive all day, strictly delivering material. This means less money spent on employees and quicker deliver times.  

The most common type of overhead crane is called an overhead bridge crane. This specific type of crane runs along elevated tracks and can move along three different axis. Overhead bridge cranes can motion up and down, back and forth, side to side, and can be run on top of girders or even under hung.

Overhead Crane ServiceAnother popular overhead crane is the Gantry model. Gantry cranes function similarly to the overhead bridge crane, but are supported by a mobile floor unit. This crane is affixed to a set of four wheels, which runs along a specific track.  Typically, Gantry cranes are supported by a set of steel legs. These cranes are best for operations that require a mobile crane, or in other instances where a long-term fixture would be problematic.

This information can help you make some wiser decisions when shopping for a crane. If you have more questions regarding overhead cranes, it is best to contact a local professional. Overhead crane professionals and manufactures offer a wealth of information, and can help you decide which type of crane is the most appropriate for you.

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