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What is the CMAA and Why are they Important?

The primary goal of any business is to make money and provide a needed service, but this is not possible without considering safety as an essential part of doing business. This is especially the case for those working in the material handling industry. Working with overhead cranes and hoists can be dangerous if workers are not well prepared and extremely cautious. As a means to encourage safe practices, the CMAA was created. CMAA stands for Crane Manufacturing Association of America, which is affiliated with MHI (material handling industry).

The CMAA is an independent trade organization that focuses its attention and advocating towards optimal crane safety. They host events throughout the year, which is designed to educate those in the field, but they also help to create and maintain engineering specifications. These specifications are used for design standards for overhead cranes (stationary and traveling), as well as crane components and integrated crane systems.

We are proud members of the CMAA community because we believe that safety is vital for the success of any business. We build, maintain, repair, and upgrade overhead cranes that meet all CMAA standards. When shopping with us, you can count on our expertise in developing custom overhead cranes. Give us a call for top-quality overhead crane service.

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