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Weather and Cranes

Weather has a significant impact on the ability for cranes to properly operate. If you are utilizing an overhead crane in an exposed environment, it is important to be aware of dangerous weather conditions that can pose a risk to workers and property.

Overhead cranes are extremely susceptible to heavy gusts of wind.  It is important to use a large amount of judgment when assessing if a crane is safe to operate in the presence of windy conditions.  Most crane manufactures have clear guidelines and recommendations for how their machinery should operate under windy conditions. Workers should utilize load charts, which are extremely helpful tools. They help to assess the maximum wind speed that a machine can operate under, given a specific load.  

Some things to consider while assessing wind safety are the geometry and shape of the crane, height of the load, backward stability, wind from the back and side of the crane, and operating a crane between structures on a windy day.  If you inappropriately use a crane it will lead to expensive overhead crane repairs and malfunctions.

Make sure that all crane workers are well aware of the dangers of weather, so that they can operate safely and effectively in those conditions.

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