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Understanding Overhead Crane Classifications

Most people do not recognize how important overhead cranes and hoists are for a wide range of products used daily. Because cranes and hoists do so much, there are a wide variety of lift equipment that is used for specific applications. Using the wrong overhead crane can slow down work and potentially even do damage. The CMAA, also known as the Crane Manufacturers’ Association of America, has created a detailed list of crane service classifications that are designed to make purchasing cranes easier.

Class A: If you need precise handling and slow speeds, this classification is right for you. You can commonly find class cranes being used at public utilities, motor rooms, transformer stations, and even powerhouses.

Class B: This class is best suited for light service requirements that operate at low speeds. This classification handles 2-5 lifts per hour. Typically, these machines are found in warehouses, repair shops, and service buildings.

Class C: Those that require more from their machines should consider class C or higher. Class C is designed for moderate service. As a result, it is commonly found in machine rooms. These systems can manage loads that are 50% of the rated capacity. It can make 5-10 lifts per hour.

Class D: This service class can handle 10-20 lifts per hour and are meant for heavy service. You can find these systems in fabrication plants, container yards, foundries, and lumber mills.

Class E: These cranes can handle loads that approach the rated capacity. It can make more than 20 lifts per hour near rated capacity, so it is used in cement mills, scrap yards, and fertilizer plants.

Class F: These cranes are for continuous/sever service. Applications for this system include custom designed specialty cranes. This class of crane provides the highest reliability of any other class.

Regardless of your crane classification, we can help with overhead crane repair and overhead crane service. If you want more information on designing and installing cranes, let us be your first call for hoists NY.

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