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Understand Crane Classifications

Purchasing an overhead crane is no easy task. There are many different features and aspects to consider. Determining the best crane or hoist for your business can help to increase productivity in the workplace. Not all hoists and cranes are created equal, and so the wrong crane can slow down and harm production. When shopping for overhead cranes, individuals will find that cranes come in different classes. Knowing the type of class that your business will need helps to narrow down purchasing options. Below, we will give  a list of varying crane classifications:

Type A: this type of crane is infrequently used. A Class A crane is found in a powerhouse, turbine room, or motor room. The cranes can handles precisely at low speeds.

Type B: these cranes are designed for light usage. They are typically found in repair shops, light assembly operations, and light warehousing.

Type C: This crane is used for moderate use. They are found in machine shops, papermill machine rooms, and more.

Type D: A crane like this is used heavily. These cranes can be found in foundries, fabricating plants and steel warehouses.

Type E: this is designed for severe use. These cranes can handle loads that are close to the limited capacity rate. They can do this for their entire lifespan.

Type F: this crane can handle the heaviest of loads, and it can do so on a continual cycle.

For more information on hoist classifications, please contact our hoist service in New York.

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