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Top Reasons for Inspections and Audits

No crane or hoists last forever, and so there comes a time when a machine will need audits or inspections. There are times during the year when a company would want to perform these tasks.

  1. After a crane is assembled, the entire system must be thoroughly checked.
  2. Before a shift begins, the crane operator should inspect the machine.
  3. A monthly inspection is meant to provide businesses with the documentation needed for proper crane operation. A business using a crane must maintain the last three months of reports (which must be made readily available to inspect).
  4. Annual inspections are comprehensive when compared to shift and monthly inspections. This process must be documented as well.
  5. Your system should be inspected after it has been recently modified. You will want to have the particular modification inspected and also how the whole system runs with the new addition.

If deficiencies are assessed at any time, the next step is to take the crane out of service until necessary fixes can be made.

We can help you both inspect your crane as well as making all necessary repairs. Our trained team can fully audit and inspect machines to ensure that they are optimized for performance and safety.

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