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Three Important Reasons to Have Hoist Service and Inspections

Frequently and thoroughgoingly inspecting overhead cranes and hoists is one of the most important things individuals can do to stay safe while working in the material handling industry. Different levels of inspection should be done at different times, including before each use and annually. There are four simple reasons why all cranes and hoists need to be properly inspected. These four reasons include:

  1. It is a requirement by law:  According to OSHA regulation 1910.179, all cranes and hoists require both frequent and periodic inspections.
  2. Inspecting cranes for problems is the best way to prevent problems from ever happening. Noticing small breaks or issues will allow you to remove liability. If inspections are not performed, the owners will be held liable for the accident.
  3. Equipment is reliable when it is frequently inspected. First, noticing small wear and tear will lead to quick repairs. The issues will get worse if you neglect the problems. It is harder, and sometimes not possible, to make fixes. Taking care of your machines will mean that they run well for an extended period.
  4. Inspections need to be done by trained and licensed individuals. Our team can do an examination and train your team to do them. If we notice any problems, we can help with hoist service and hoist repair. We are a trusted name for Hoists NY.
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