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The Influence of Wind on a Crane

On a beautiful summer's day in 1999, there was a tragic crane accident that killed three ironworkers in Milwaukee, WI. The event was later titled the Big Blue Crane collapse. Prior the collapse, workers had expressed concerned about working in conditions that had blowing winds higher than 20 Mph. After everything was settled, reports came out suggesting that the cane only calculated the effects of side wind without considering the weight of loads the crane was lifting. On the day the crane collapsed, the wind was blowing between 25 and 30 Mph, but the crane (when lifting loads) was only able to withstand 11 Mph.

In order to avoid the tragedy of the Big Blue Crane collapse, workers must know how to safely run the overhead crane. First, if you know that you will be working in extreme weather environment, you will want to build a crane that can handle more abuse from the weather. Once you acquire a strong and appropriate overhead crane, you should make sure that:

It is important to do all you can to keep your business and employees safe while using cranes in windy conditions.

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