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The Importance of Overhead Crane Safety

Safety in the workplace should be the most important thing to consider. Concerns for the safety of employees and property should outweigh the desire to make money. Cutting corners while operating overhead cranes mostly leads to accidents. Cranes are commonly used in construction and industrial settings, and they tend to lift heavy objects.

It is important to understand that the dangers of operating a crane are real and that they are preventable. According to Arnold & Itkin LLP, over a ten-year period (1997-2006) there were over 800 workplace fatalities as a result of misuse of cranes. The report goes on to detail the reason for accidents:

There are five reasons why people suffer from the above problems. Being mindful of how and when you use your crane can significantly reduce the potential for a dangerous situation. You must:

  1. Use your overhead crane in strict accordance with manufacturer's specification.
  2. Pick the proper crane for your exact specification. Different crane types and styles function differently, and you need a crane that fits your exact needs.
  3. If you use your crane outdoors, you should never operate it during inclement weather. Wait until the weather clears up before using.
  4. Make sure that your crane is set up correctly. Continue to check that your crane is optimally working.
  5. Protect your machine from falling debris or any other type of hazardous conditions near the crane.

Do not ever underestimate the responsibility of properly maintaining and using overhead cranes. Be sure to take the steps necessary to avoid a dangerous situation. If you see any signs of malfunction, you must reach out for hoist repair immediately to keep your cranes in proper working order.

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