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Temperature and Overhead Cranes

There are many deliberations to make when selecting hoist and crane equipment. One of the most critical choices to make is based on the environments in which your material handling equipment. What temperatures and weather conditions must your cranes be able to operate in? Using equipment in extreme temperatures, when systems are not built to withstand it, will be detrimental to services. Problems include failure and breaking.

Any crane or hoist used for outdoor applications should have parts and features that are recommended for ensuring optimal reliability. Getting the right systems offers users longevity in harsh conditions while also reducing costly overhead crane repairs. We build hoists in NY, and we know how to build custom systems for our customer's exact needs. When using machines in these harsh conditions, you should consider adding:

The ASME has set standards for operating cranes in cold temperatures, which should be strongly considered when choosing lifting equipment. The standards held by the ASME provide specific temperature ranges for optimal operations of lifting equipment. This guide can be useful in leading professionals to the best solutions for particular jobs in different environments and weather.

Overhead Crane Repair

Temperature can have an adverse effect on overhead cranes that are not built to withstand them. Let our team help you make the hard decision when building optimal cranes for outdoor use. We know hoists NY.

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Overhead Crane Repair
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