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Safety Considerations for all Crane Operators

Safety is an absolutely vital part of the material handling. When using an overhead crane or hoist, the first consideration should always be how to use the device safely. The responsibility of maintaining a safe and efficient workplace is mostly the responsibility of crane operators. When those who are entrusted to protect safety do not use adequate safety precautions, they are risking equipment, employees, and the company’s reputation.

The CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety) claim that there is five top consideration that all crane operators must make to stay safe.

  1. First and foremost, the operator must be competent. To be competent means to be suitably trained, suitably qualified, and have significant experience.
  2. They must also have a real understanding of both Tagout and Lockout procedures.
  3. An operator must always give pre-operation inspections. This is done before any usage. Doing pre-inspections allows for hoist repair NY before any significant problems occur.
  4. The operator must understand and strictly abide by all lifting capacities. This is very important
  5. An operator must be competent in knowing and using international and site-specific hand-signals.

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