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Running your Crane at the right Speeds

Proper handling and use of overhead cranes are vital for the safety of employees, civilian, materials, and buildings. Considering the risk during use is great, the main job of crane operators must be to ensure that safety is priority number one. Most crane accidents are caused as a result of improper usage. A crane operator must be familiar with the speed capacities of a machine, and to then regularly monitor the speed in which the crane is operating. Coming to terms with the moving speeds of a new crane can be time-consuming. If a bridge crane is run at too fast of speeds, it can become a dangerous tool that ends up costing the company money. On the other side, slow running speeds will significantly reduce work time and will create hazardous conditions for those working in the vicinity.

Standard rates for cranes are provided, and your speed can be calculated based on its class (C, D, E, F), load capacity, the height of lifts, and potential upgrades. The motion also plays a prominent role (hoist, trolley, bridge).

We can help you answer all the necessary questions needed to determine running speeds for your hoist or overhead crane. Answer:

  1. What will your crane primarily be lifting and what is the approximate weight?
  2. What is the length of the track the crane or hoist travels on?
  3. How frequently is the system used (starts per hour in two directions)?

If you find that you are unhappy with the speed of your overhead crane in NY, we can help make the upgrades or repairs needed. We can get your system working like it was new, and we can also upgrade your system to make it work faster than before.

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