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Proper Overhead Crane Maintenance

It is counterproductive to use an overhead crane for material handling without performing daily preventative maintenance. Various industries utilize the lifting power of an overhead crane, and so different systems exist to fit different needs. Regardless of industry and design, it is important to visually inspect and test machines regularly and infrequently. Of course, different machines require different maintenance, inspections, and repairs, so companies provide detailed recommendations for thorough maintenance programs.

The main purpose of inspections and maintenance is safety, but there are other benefits as well. This includes higher productivity, healthy employees, and limited hoist repair or overhead crane service. Following manufacture’s recommendations will keep your workers safe and your business moving.

Daily inspections should be performed before and after each time a crane is used. Inspections must be conducted by designated personal that knows the crane and OSHA regulation 1910.179. To make inspections easier and less time consuming, checklists should be created for each individual machine.

Checks should begin with an inspection of the general area. Make sure workers are clear from the path of the crane and also check for any obstructions. Next, an inspector can begin the equipment check. This list may seem a bit excessive, but it is well thought-out and is important. A normal inspection includes:

This is just a small portion of a large check list. It is important to maintain your machines, so that all your workers and your property can remain safe. If you notice any issues with your machine, reach out for overhead crane service.

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