As an Executive Member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), SISSCO takes pride in manufacturing Cranes that meet all the current design and safety standards. We focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and performance when producing our cranes.

Bridge cranes

SISSCO can provide a wide range of Overhead Traveling Bridge Cranes. From Single Girder Cranes to Double Girder Cranes, Top Running to Under Running, we design cranes to meet our customers’ requirements and applications.

Jib cranes

SISSCO designs and distributes the highest quality Jib Cranes. With many different style of Jib Cranes, let SISSCO’s application engineers help you select which style Jib Crane is right for your application.

Gantry Cranes

From low capacity portable Gantry Cranes to Custom Engineered Gantry Cranes, SISSCO can design and to any size and capacity.

Workstation Cranes

This cost effective solution can either be ceiling mounted or free standing. Limited by its span and capacity offerings, SISSCO can quickly determine if this solution is right for your building or application.


Our engineering department is staffed with mechanical, structural and electrical engineers, which ensures that every crane meets the requirements of the standards as well as our customers’ expectations.


SISSCO manufacturers all of our equipment out of our Central NJ location. Our 32,000 sft facility provides our machinists, fabricators, and electricians with the proper environment needed to provide superior quality equipment.

Crane Runway Systems

Don’t under estimate the importance of a properly designed and installed crane runway system. Runways that are not designed and installed to CMAA specifications can create premature wear to your new or existing cranes. SISSCO’s engineering department can evaluate your building and recommend the best crane runway solution for your application.

Project management

For every crane that we sell, we back that up with an experienced Project Manager. From the contract, to approval drawings, to delivery, to installation, a dedicated Project Manager will be there for you every step of the way.

Additional benefits in using SISSCO as your Overhead Crane and Hoist provider.

  • Full Engineering Support:

    It is important for every crane to be designed and reviewed by a qualified engineer. SISSCO’s full staff of engineers ensures that every crane is built to the highest quality and all industry standards.

  • Project Management:

    With a dedicated Project Manager for every crane project that is sold, customers get as much support as they require from Day 1 to completion.

  • TurnKey Projects:

    Sales, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, and Start up. We provide all aspects of a project with highly experienced personnel in every area.

  • Priced Competitively:

    From standard industrial cranes to highly engineered cranes, SISSCO always provides competitive pricing backed by quality cranes.

  • Member CMAA:

    As a Executive Member of CMAA and an Industry Leader, SISSCO designs cranes to the highest quality and standards. Every SISSCO Crane is built for performance and safety.


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