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Overhead Cranes and Hoist Safety and Statistics

Never get complacent while owning and operating overhead cranes and hoists. That is the quickest way to damage property and put employees’ lives at risk. When looking at the statistics for the operating cranes, most accidents are the result of negligence on behalf of the crane operator.  It could also be a lack of training or experience.

According to the CICB (Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau):

  1. 90% of accidents are the result of human error (improper usage and inspections)
  2. 80% of crane upsets are caused by operators exceeding a crane's lift capacity
  3. Roughly 45% of mobile crane accidents pertain to electrocutions. Normally, they are the result of cranes coming in contact with power sources (during operation)
  4. Half of the crane accidents in the United States (in 2009) led to fatalities. On average, eighty material handling workers are killed each year
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Considering that human error is the main reason for most of the above problems, it is important to require continual training and oversight of employees. Do not become another statistic for unsafe overhead cranes in NY. Our talented team can inspect hoists in NY and help provide training.

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