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Overhead Crane Inspectors

Inspections are a crucial part when it comes to maintenance of an overhead crane. Inspections ensure a long lasting crane and help to provide a safe work environment for employees. For an inspection to be conducted properly, hire a crane inspector.

A crane inspector is a person who examines, tests, and/or inspects cranes. They inspect a variety of cranes including single girder or double girder types, top running types, and under running types. They also inspect the hoisting equipment.

Crane inspectors need certain qualifications. Experience is one of them. According to Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), a minimum of 2,000 field hours of experience is required for inspectors. This experience includes repairing, maintenance, servicing, modifying, and functional testing of cranes and the hoist equipment.

Another qualification to look out for is proper training. In addition to experience, CMAA also notes that if a person has not gone through proper training, then they should never conduct crane inspections. Formal training is a requirement for all crane inspectors. They need to have extensive knowledge of the applicable codes and regulations of the equipment they are inspecting.

Inspections are a vital part of crane maintenance. If a qualified individual is not performing them, then the safety of the employees is at risk. For those looking to hire a competent person to inspect their crane and overhead equipment, a hoist service company should be contacted. An overhead crane service company will be able to provide an inspector with the proper amount of experience and training to do the job correctly.

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