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Operating Hoists in Cold Conditions

Worker safety should be the most crucial aspect of doing business. As a factory manager or owner, your concern for worker safety must go beyond repairs and routine maintenance. If you are operating in cold climates, you must think about weatherizing overhead crane parts. Severe weather can have a negative impact on several aspects of the crane or hoist. This includes both its rating and electrical components. Not only can the cold affect your machines, but it can harm your employees who must brave the weather and elements. Below, we will provide a few tips for keeping employees safe while working this winter.

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Make sure that your employees stay well hydrated. When a person layers-up to go into the cold, they tend to sweat. Make sure that your employees have enough fluids to drink. An employee might get caught up in their job, so please make sure they drink.

Wind chill can do real damage to the skin. A severe wind chill, without proper protection, can cause frostbite. First, make sure that employees have top-of-the-line weatherized gear. Second, make sure that they have no exposed skin showing. Lastly, if the wind chill is too much, hold off on operations until the weather lets up.

Have someone on hand who is monitoring employees for signs of hypothermia, frostbite, and frostnip. Having a responsible individual monitoring employees is a great way to keep people safe.

We know hoists NY. Our team offers hoist service and hoist repair, to ensure that your system is running optimally. We can help you maintain top performance this winter.

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