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Oil and Overhead Cranes

When it comes to inspecting an overhead crane, there is one aspect is continually overlooked: the oil.

It is important to be conscious of the status of the oil in your overhead crane. Clean oil helps to lessen the need for hoist repair issues. A functioning crane is one that is running smoothly and does not need regular overhead crane service.

Using the right variety of lubricant in a gear-case is crucial. Depending on the gearing of your crane, it is going to require a specific type of oil. Each crane comes with a recommended viscosity level of oil. This degree keeps the gears protected and cooled.

The kind of oil that your crane requires depends on the following: the operating temperature of the gears; the gear speeds; the gearbox pressure, loads, containability; and the type of gearing.

Sometimes people are unaware that their crane requires a specific kind of oil and instead put in the wrong kind. Inserting the wrong type of oil can cause the viscosity to be too high or too low. This mistake can come with a host of problems for your overhead crane.

The number one sign that you are using the wrong type of oil is overheating. Foaming of the oil can also occur, which causes oil leaks and severe damage to other components. The wrong type of oil could also generate loud noises from the gear-case.

Even if you are using the right type of oil, problems can still occur, especially if it has been in the gear-case longer than its shelf life. The shelf life of most oil is about 5 years.

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