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Maintaining Optimal Performance for Overhead Cranes Through Diligent and Thorough Crane Inspections

How frequently do you need to have your overhead cranes inspected? Some feel that intense inspections of overhead crane systems is not necessary on a consistent basis. Overhead Crane Repair ServiceThey feel the process wastes time, and in business time is money. Why slow down and inspect parts? The absolute number one reason is safety, but other reasons include maximized productivity and reduction in total repair costs. Taking extra time to inspect systems before use greatly reduces the time needed to repair or replace overhead cranes.

How frequently should I inspect?

Worker safety should be the biggest priority for any factory using a crane or hoist, so the minimum frequency of inspections should guarantee the highest levels of safety. OSHA safety requirements dictate periodic and frequent inspections are done. Doing these inspections will help to catch problems before they lead to major issues.

Frequent inspections should happen on a varying basis depending on what is being inspected. For instance, all functional operating mechanisms must be inspected for any maladjustments. Daily inspections should also be done on:

Other frequent inspections happen weekly to monthly.

Periodic inspections happen less frequently. During these inspections, look for:

Only two types of people should engage in inspecting cranes, and those two people are trained crane operators and professional crane maintenance crews. We provide full hoist services in NYC, including overhead crane repair, inspections, and installations.

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