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An overhead crane system must have a fourth ground bar. This is a requirement that was set forth by the NEC (National Electric Code) over twelve years ago. In 2005, the NEC mandated that an overhead crane must also have a festooning or grounded power bar. Grounding an overhead is one of the most important things to do to have employees remain safe in the workplace. For instance, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) reports that ungrounded cranes can lead to severe electrocution (enough to potentially kill the person). According to OSHA, the most frequent electrical violation is grounding. Please, make sure your system is safe and up to standards.

Hoist Service

Some individuals believe that they can operate under the OSHA grandfather clause, and so they only worry about the design specification. You still must install and connect the crane properly.

Some think that leaving the steel bridge rail unpainted is the equivalent of having a ground bar. Leaving the bar unpainted could theoretically ground the system, but many factors could potentially lead to improper grounding. Taking risks to save money can easily lead to death.

Hoist Service

Alternatively, overhead crane and hoist services extend to testing if a machine is grounded. We offer hoist service and repair, which means that we can make sure your system is running flawlessly and safely. If you are looking for hoists NY, give us a call.

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