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Is Load Testing Important?

No company should ever underestimate the importance of load testing an overhead crane. Even for cranes that are new should be loaded testes. Looking at OSHA guidelines and comparing that to potential injuries and loss of product will encourage individuals to protect their workers and machines. According to OSHA the standard AMSE B30.17, any new, repaired, or modernized crane must be load tested prior bringing the device fully online. OSHA rules 1910.179(k) and B30.17-2.2.2 don't call for continual load testing for each usage. There is no clear language within those guidelines that call for consistent testing.

Although OSHA has no clear language regarding testing, it is in a business's best interest to load test at least once a day. When it comes to physical injuries of employees and damaged products, you can never be too safe. If something terrible happens, not only will your worker be out of work, but there will also be civil lawsuits and fines/inquiries from government agencies. It is good business to protect your employees, so it is always best to do load testing.

Doing the bare minimum, when it comes to load testing, will only save your minimal time. The risks associated with rushing the lifting process are so great that no amount of time is worth taking chances with your overhead crane. Be safe in the workplace, and make sure you continually load test your overhead cranes.

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