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Inspecting Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are helpful tools that lift and transport goods and materials.  It is important to regularly inspect overhead cranes, in order to ensure that the machinery is safe to use. If a crane fails, it can damage goods and cause devastating injuries. Frequency of inspections varies amongst crane types, classes, location, and overall usage. There are three different categories that determine how frequently your crane should be inspected: normal usage, heavy usage, and severe usage. The standard crane is classified under the normal usage delineation, but there are guidelines for each usage that helps highlight what category a specific crane falls under. This article will help highlight the different ways to inspect an overhead crane.

overhead crane serviceAll cranes require an initial inspection that is conducted after the installation of a new hoist or crane. This initial overview makes sure that everything is operational and documented. After the initial inspection, most crane owners are required to conduct a functional inspection. This is a pre-shift inspection that should be held every shift, prior to crane operation. It is an overarching exam that tests all functions of the overhead crane. The upper limit of the hoist is verified, as well as the wire rope and load chains. This type of test does not need to be documented, but it is recommended to translate whether the crane has passed, so that other operators in the shift know that the machinery is safe to use.

These safety checks are important for the health of employees, as well as not losing or damaging any goods or materials. Keeping diligent records and stressing the importance of safety to workers can help to minimize injuries on the job and the loss of materials. Always think safety first.

If you are interested in learning more about testing overhead cranes, it is best to contact a local manufacturer. Proper testing of cranes establishes a safe working environment for operators, which is vital for a successful business. 

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