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Inspect Your Cranes Frequently

Inspections are necessary when maintaining your overhead crane. Regular inspections are crucial because they ensure that your overhead crane is working properly. Frequently inspecting your overhead crane will result in a long lasting crane and a safer work environment.

Inspections for your overhead crane are divided into two categories: frequent and periodic. Frequent inspections will occur daily too monthly. Periodic inspections will occur monthly too yearly.

Frequent inspections are the visual and operational type. Conduct daily inspections of the hooks, hoist chains, wire ropes, and all functional operating mechanisms. The operator performs this daily inspection. A further inspection of the hooks, hoist chains, and wire ropes are done monthly. Conduct a thorough inspection monthly and document the findings.

Periodic inspections are the complete visual and operational type. If the overhead crane is used normally, then a periodic inspection should be done annually. A periodic inspection will have to be conducted semi-annually for heavy use. Heavy service is when a crane is being used more than ten lift cycles per hour as normal procedure. Severe use of an overhead crane requires quarterly inspections. Severe service is determined when an overhead crane is being used in abnormal conditions, such as high or low ambient temperatures, dust or moisture laden atmospheres, or in adverse weather.

Inspections are essential for a properly working overhead crane. They must be performed frequently and correctly. Contacting an overhead crane service company will ensure that the inspection is being performed properly. The hoist service company will understand the measures to take when conducting an inspection.

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