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How Important is my Factory for Choosing Cranes and Hoists?

Adding an overhead crane or hoist to a factory is not an easy decision to make. Out of all the things to consider, including crane class and type, an individual must not forget about thoroughly analyzing their facility. To pick the right crane or hoist, you must make special considerations based on the space available. The type of factory and space play a significant role in deciding between bridge crane, jib cranes, workstation cranes, or gantry crane. Our team will evaluate your area to give you the best options available.

  1. How much space do you have? Between inside and outside, what is the total area available to you to accommodate an overhead crane? Knowing the entire area lowers the number of choices.
  2. Do you have to worry about obstacles in your warehouse? Knowing the floor plan allows our team to pick machines that will work within your specific parameters. We work with buildings that have varying ceiling heights
  3. Different cranes have installation requirements. What is your space set up for? Our team will evaluate your workspace to determine which cranes can be installed.

Understanding your space allows you to narrow down your options for crane types. Once the field has been narrowed, you can begin to think about your application and which crane type would suit those needs. For the best hoists New York has, give us a call. Our hoist services include inspections, repair, installation, and training.

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