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A hoist controller is a device that governs the movement of a hoist.  Some hoists are standalone machines and are primarily used to lift and transport materials. Some hoists can be coupled to heavy-duty trucks and trailers. An easily identified hoist can be found on the back of a tow truck. The truck uses the hoist to pick up cars that need to be removed from a designated area.  For electronically operated hoists, controllers are a key component of any operation. Without the controller, it would be impossible to properly steer and control the machinery. Hoist control systems can be designed to meet the needs of many different applications. Control systems are directly responsible for the safety of the material being lifted, and the operator controlling the hoist. Many controllers enable the ergonomic control of heavy machinery. Some controllers can even move machines with up to three separate motion axis. Many control systems have interlocks in order to close throttle valves at the end of the trip. This prevents the throttle from opening again until the engine is reversed.  Additionally, control systems can govern the hoist speed, and indicator wheels to provide safe transit of an item.

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Hoist controls must be designed to withstand a multitude of elements.  Since most hoists operate outside, they are manufactured to be water and weatherproof.  Hoist controllers are also designed to be extremely rugged and can withstand drops, hits, and impacts. The housing that the controller is designed with endures severe impacts. There are also many accessories that can help protect against harsh environments.

There are many benefits to a well-designed hoist control:

Hoist Service

When looking to purchase a hoist control, consider looking for the aforementioned benefits in a given controller. Hoists controllers without these perks are typically lesser in terms of quality.

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