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Four Reasons You Should Modernize Your Crane

There are four main signs that it is time to modernize your overhead crane. The advancements in modern technologies allow for crane owners to extend the life of their system. Upgrades and modernization should be done when your original system no longer optimally works, or if your business’ requirements have changed. Below, we will give details about the four signs it's time for a change.

1) All businesses must be able to change with time, and companies that don’t might be left behind. If product demands increase, and you cannot meet new orders, your company will suffer. When you built the crane, controls, hoists, end trucks, and more were designed for a specific job. Modernizing your system will allow it to work under your new requirements.

2) Excess wear and tear should not be tolerated. It creates unsafe work conditions, and it cost money to repair the system continually. You can modernize only the old or broken parts.

3) If an inspection uncovers problems with the crane equipment, you may want to consider modernizing your machines. Making small updates to old devices is a great way to ensure your system is meeting the standards of OSHA, CMAA, and ASME.

4) Replacement parts cranes become harder to find as the system ages. If you notice that it is harder to get replacement parts, you will want to consider updating your machine. Do not wait till you can’t fix your system.

We can help with modernizing and updating your cranes. We also handle overhead crane repair. We know hoists NY.

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