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Five Easy Steps to Increase Crane Safety

For more than fifty years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (more commonly referred to as OSHA) has set specifications to spread awareness and increase overhead lifting safety. Over recent years, OSHA has partnered with the Crane, Hoist, and Monorail Alliance (CHM) to try and enhance training and safety opportunities. The assistant secretary of labor at OSHA claims that the alliance between OSHA and CHM has been invaluable for helping to minimize or prevent serious and fatal incidents. The material handling industry can be hazardous if operators are unaware of safety protocols. Between both organizations, they have compiled a small list of five essential things for overhead crane safety. This includes:
When doing inspections, make sure that you create accountability. Having documented guidelines for use, review, and repairs means that there will be consistency with how workers treat material handling equipment. Use these codes to train all operators who will be using the machines.
Make sure to have scheduled inspections. Many people like to wait till something breaks or there is a malfunction before they call someone to help fix the problem. Scheduled inspections circumvent major issues, but inspectors can find small problems and fix them before getting too big.
Be very familiar with the manual for your specific hoists or cranes. Differences between systems means that they do not operate the same. If you don’t recognize the specifics of your machine, it is possible to make big mistakes.
Never underestimate the power of pre-shift inspections. Never use a crane or hoist when it is broken or breaking. It is possible to notice these problems by giving a detailed visual inspection before using the equipment. Make sure everything is in correct working order before using the system.
Know the limits of your equipment and never exceed them—under no circumstance should an overhead crane be overloaded. This is the quickest way to break machines and cause real damage to people and property.If you notice any problems with your system, big or small, you should reach out for overhead crane repair immediately. Our overhead crane service tackles total repairs and upgrades. For the best hoists NY has, give us a call today.

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