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Do you need to have your Hoist and Crane Inspected?

When everything in a factory is working well, it is easy to neglect appropriately maintaining equipment and machinery. It is important to remain ever vigilant so that you can avoid emergency situations as much as possible. For overhead crane and hoist use, maintaining and repairing machines is essential for business and safety.
There are four main reasons to have your hoists inspected continually.

  1. First and foremost, this is a requirement set forth by OSHA (1910.170) mandates that users must have frequent and periodic inspections done on all equipment.
  2. Substantially lessen the risk of catastrophic failures
  3. Significantly increase safety in the workplace
  4. Reduce liability and exposure to accidents.

Frequent inspections take place anywhere from daily to monthly. During this review, we look at hooks, chains, wire ropes, and more

Periodic inspection ranges from monthly to yearly. This check is a complete visual and operation type.

Our talented team can help you ensure that your machines are running optimally and that they meet all standards set out by the CMAA, OSHA, and ASME. Let us be your first call for hoists NY. We do hoist repair and hoist service.

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