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Do not become an Overload Statistic

Overloading is, unfortunately, a frequent problem that material handling businesses deal with. The reason this problem is so unfortunate is that it is almost always avoidable. OSHA reports that roughly 80% of crane upsets and structural issues are the result of exceeding a hoists or cranes’ operating capacity. OSHA goes on to say that a crane upset occurs for every 10,000 hours of hoist use. Almost 80 percent of those upsets are human-caused, which means that many could have been avoided. There is a slew issue that is connected to overloading. A crane that has been overloaded can fall to structural stress (causing irreversible damage). Lifting too much will cause overloading, but so will:

It is essential to train employees to use hoists and cranes thoroughly. It is vital that only trained and experienced technicians work on any lifting machines. We offer safety training for crane operators. We believe in safety. We also provide load testing to ensure that there is no chance for overloading.

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